Who is Miley Cyrus Dating? A Closer Look at Her Relationship

Miley Cyrus is dating with musician Maxx Morando, likely since late 2021! They’ve kept things private but made public appearances together.

Miley Cyrus, the renowned American singer, songwriter, and actress, has always been in the spotlight for her personal life as much as her professional achievements. Over the years, fans and media alike have been curious about her romantic relationships and who she is currently dating. In this article, we will delve into the topic and shed light on Miley Cyrus’s current relationship status.

The Current Relationship

Miley Cyrus is currently dating musician Maxx Morando, and their relationship is believed to have started in late 2021. While the couple has chosen to keep their romance relatively private, they have made a few public appearances together, sparking speculation and excitement among fans.

Who is Maxx Morando?

Maxx Morando, also known as Maxx Stardust, is a talented musician and producer. He has been associated with the music industry for several years and has worked with various artists. While Morando may not be as well-known as Miley Cyrus, he has certainly captured her heart with his musical talent and personality.

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Their Low-Key Relationship

Miley Cyrus and Maxx Morando have opted for a low-key relationship, choosing to keep their love life away from the prying eyes of the media. This decision may be attributed to Cyrus’s previous highly publicized relationships, which garnered significant attention and scrutiny.

By keeping their romance private, Miley Cyrus and Maxx Morando can focus on building a strong foundation without the constant scrutiny that often comes with being in the public eye. This approach allows them to nurture their relationship and prioritize their personal happiness.

Public Appearances

Despite their desire for privacy, Miley Cyrus and Maxx Morando have been spotted together on a few occasions, sparking interest and speculation among fans. These public appearances have given fans a glimpse into their relationship, fueling excitement and curiosity.

While attending events or going out together, Miley Cyrus and Maxx Morando have displayed affection and support for each other, further solidifying the notion that they are indeed a couple. However, they have not made any official statements about their relationship, leaving fans to piece together the clues.

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Respecting Their Privacy

As fans, it is important to respect the privacy of Miley Cyrus and Maxx Morando. While it is natural to be curious about the personal lives of celebrities, it is crucial to remember that they are entitled to their privacy just like anyone else.

Constant speculation and invasive inquiries can put unnecessary pressure on a relationship. By allowing Miley Cyrus and Maxx Morando to enjoy their romance without constant scrutiny, we can support their happiness and contribute to a healthier celebrity culture.


In conclusion, Miley Cyrus is currently dating musician Maxx Morando since late 2021. While they have chosen to keep their relationship private, they have made a few public appearances together, giving fans a glimpse into their romance. It is important for fans and the media to respect their privacy and allow them to nurture their relationship without unnecessary scrutiny. Let us celebrate their happiness and wish them the best in their journey together.

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