What Happened to Eric Bieniemy?

Want to know what happened to Eric Bieniemy? Ex-Chiefs OC Bieniemy was let go by Commanders after 1 season, now seeking HC or OC role.

The Rise of Eric Bieniemy

Eric Bieniemy, a former NFL player turned coach, had been making waves in the football world for his exceptional coaching skills and impressive track record. After a successful playing career, Bieniemy transitioned into coaching, quickly establishing himself as one of the brightest minds in the game. His strategic prowess and ability to develop players caught the attention of many, leading to high expectations for his future in the sport.

The Kansas City Chiefs Era

One of the most significant chapters in Bieniemy’s career came when he joined the Kansas City Chiefs as their offensive coordinator in 2018. Under his guidance, the Chiefs’ offense flourished, earning them a reputation as one of the most explosive and dynamic teams in the league. The team’s success was further highlighted by their Super Bowl win in 2020, solidifying Bieniemy’s status as a highly sought-after coaching candidate.

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The Head Coaching Opportunities

With his impressive resume and the success of the Chiefs’ offense, it seemed inevitable that Bieniemy would be offered a head coaching position. However, despite numerous interviews and recommendations from players and coaches alike, he has yet to be given the opportunity to lead a team.

1. Lack of Diversity in Coaching Hires

One of the prevailing theories behind Bieniemy’s lack of head coaching offers is the ongoing issue of diversity in coaching hires. The NFL has faced criticism for its lack of representation among head coaches, with a disproportionately low number of minority coaches in leadership positions. Despite the league’s efforts to address this issue, progress has been slow, leaving talented coaches like Bieniemy waiting for their chance to lead.

2. Timing and Competition

Timing and competition also play a significant role in the head coaching carousel. Each year, a limited number of head coaching positions become available, and the competition for these coveted roles is fierce. With a pool of highly qualified candidates vying for the same positions, it can be challenging for someone like Bieniemy to stand out, even with his impressive credentials.

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3. Perception and Bias

Perception and bias within the industry may also be factors contributing to Bieniemy’s situation. Despite his success as an offensive coordinator and the endorsements he has received from players and coaches, there may be lingering doubts or biases that prevent decision-makers from offering him a head coaching position. Overcoming these perceptions and biases can be an uphill battle, especially in a highly competitive and scrutinized industry like professional football.

The Future for Eric Bieniemy

Although Eric Bieniemy has yet to secure a head coaching position, his talent and potential remain undeniable. Many within the football community continue to advocate for his hiring and believe that it is only a matter of time before he gets his chance to lead a team. In the meantime, Bieniemy remains committed to his current role as the Chiefs’ offensive coordinator, continuing to make a significant impact on the team’s success.


Eric Bieniemy’s journey from player to coach has been nothing short of remarkable. His strategic brilliance and ability to develop players have earned him a reputation as one of the most promising coaching prospects in the NFL. While his path to a head coaching position has been met with challenges and obstacles, many remain hopeful that he will soon be given the opportunity to showcase his leadership skills. Until then, Bieniemy will continue to make his mark as one of the league’s most respected offensive coordinators, leaving a lasting impact on the teams he serves.

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