Samsung Smart Lock Trusted Devices Not Working 2024

Your Samsung Won’t Unlock with Your Trusted Devices? Here’s the 2024 Fix! (No More Lock Out Fears)


Samsung Smart Lock Trusted Devices Not Working 2024: Remember the convenience of leaving your phone unlocked near your smartwatch or trusted Bluetooth speaker? Unfortunately, for many Samsung users, the “Trusted Devices” feature in Smart Lock isn’t living up to its name. 2024 has seen a surge in reports of devices not working, leaving users scrambling for their PINs. But fear not! We’re here to diagnose and fix your Smart Lock woes.

What’s the Problem?

Reports abound of trusted devices like Bluetooth watches, cars, and even familiar locations failing to unlock phones. This can be incredibly inconvenient, especially for those relying on the feature for daily tasks.

Common Problems:

  • Missing “Trusted Devices” Option: A recent Android update seems to be the culprit for this disappearing act. Don’t panic! We’ll show you a workaround using Bixby Routines (spoiler alert: it’s easier than it sounds).
  • Unreliable Connections: Bluetooth or Wi-Fi hiccups can disrupt the trust party. Double-check connection stability and consider re-pairing your devices.
  • Outdated Software: Sometimes, a simple software update can do the trick. Check for updates on your phone and the “Trusted Devices” themselves.
  • Cache Corruption: Occasionally, cached data gets corrupted, throwing a wrench in the Smart Lock machinery. Clearing the cache and data for Google Play Services and Play Store can work wonders.
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Pro Tips:

  • Location Matters: Ensure “On-body detection” is enabled for trusted devices you carry, like smartwatches.
  • Keep it Simple: Start with just one or two trusted devices to minimize troubleshooting headaches.
  • Security First: Remember, convenience shouldn’t compromise security. Choose trusted devices wisely and consider stronger lock screen methods when in public.

Bonus Round: Bixby Routines to the Rescue!

If “Trusted Devices” has vanished, don’t fret! Bixby Routines can fill the gap. Here’s how:

  1. Open Settings > Modes and Routines > Routines.
  2. Tap + to create a new routine.
  3. Choose Bluetooth devices as the trigger and select your trusted device(s).
  4. Under Connected, select Keep phone unlocked.
  5. Save the routine and enjoy seamless unlocking!


With a little detective work and these handy tips, you can overcome Smart Lock’s hiccups and reclaim convenient, secure unlocking in 2024. Remember, knowledge is power – and in this case, it unlocks your phone! So go forth, troubleshoot with confidence, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a working Smart Lock.

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