Ron Rivera Jack Del Rio

Ron Rivera Jack Del Rio: Rivera fired Del Rio after weak defense, now calls plays himself, hoping to salvage season.

Washington, D.C. – The Washington Commanders find themselves at a crossroads. The season, riddled with defensive woes, culminated in the Thanksgiving Day debacle against the Dallas Cowboys, leading to the swift and surprising dismissal of defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio. Now, head coach Ron Rivera, a defensive mastermind himself, steps into the void, taking direct control of a unit desperate for a turnaround.

Rivera, known for his fiery leadership and unwavering belief in his players, faces a monumental task. The Commanders’ defense currently ranks 29th in the league, hemorrhaging points and struggling to contain even mediocre offenses. Del Rio’s departure, while seemingly drastic, reflects the urgency of the situation. The pressure on Rivera, already juggling a rebuilding offense and a tumultuous franchise rebrand, intensifies as he takes on the defensive play-calling duties.

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