Lamar Jackson Rushing Yards Per Game (2024 updated)

Lamar Jackson rushing yards per game is 51.3 (average) rushing yards.

1. Lamar Jackson’s rushing yards per game throughout his career:

Year Rushing Yards Games Played Rushing Yards Per Game
2018 695 16 43.4
2019 1206 16 75.4
2020 767 15 51.1
2021 837 12 69.8
2023 821 16 51.3
Career Average: 61.1

2. Lamar Jackson’s rushing yards per game by season:

Year Rushing Yards Per Game Rank (Among QBs)
2018 43.4 3rd
2019 75.4 1st
2020 51.1 2nd
2021 69.8 2nd
2023 51.3 1st

Note: 2023 data is based on the regular season only.

He throws darts with his arm, jukes defenders with his feet, and electrifies stadiums with his sheer athleticism. Lamar Jackson, the Baltimore Ravens’ star quarterback, is a force of nature who redefines the modern quarterback position. But in a league obsessed with passing yards and touchdowns, it’s often overlooked that Jackson might just be the greatest rushing quarterback of all time. His dominance in the running game is an anomaly, a statistical marvel that deserves its own spotlight.

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Breaking Records, Redefining Expectations

In the 2023 season, Jackson cemented his place in rushing history. He racked up a staggering 821 rushing yards, averaging a phenomenal 51.3 yards per game. This wasn’t just a good year; it was a historic one. Jackson surpassed Michael Vick’s single-season rushing record for quarterbacks set in 2006, proving that even in today’s pass-heavy NFL, a quarterback can still dominate with his legs.

But Jackson’s impact extends beyond mere numbers. He’s changed the way teams have to defend the quarterback position. His dual-threat ability forces defenses to account for him every single play, creating open lanes for his receivers and making the Ravens’ offense virtually unstoppable. His electrifying runs leave defenders grasping at air, demoralized and defeated.

Beyond the Stats: The Magic of Lamar’s Feet

Jackson’s rushing prowess isn’t just about raw speed or brute force. It’s a combination of exceptional vision, elusiveness, and pinpoint precision. He reads defenses like a veteran chess player, exploiting the slightest hesitation or misplaced tackle. His jukes and cuts are poetry in motion, leaving defenders stumbling and flailing in his wake.

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One of Jackson’s most underrated skills is his patience. He knows when to attack and when to wait, using his instincts to find the perfect gap in the defense. He’s not afraid to scramble outside the pocket, but he’s also a master at manipulating defenders within it, using his running threat to buy time for his receivers to get open.

The Evolution of a Legend: From Scrambler to Ruler

Jackson’s journey to rushing royalty wasn’t preordained. Drafted as a dual-threat prospect, he faced doubts and criticism from those who questioned his ability to succeed as a traditional pocket passer. But Jackson silenced the doubters with his work ethic and relentless hunger for improvement. He refined his throwing mechanics, studied film religiously, and developed a deeper understanding of the quarterback position.

The result? A quarterback who not only throws with pinpoint accuracy but also orchestrates the Ravens’ offense like a seasoned maestro. His rushing prowess hasn’t diminished; it’s simply become another weapon in his ever-expanding arsenal.

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The Future is Lamar’s: A Legacy Waiting to be Written

At just 26 years old, Lamar Jackson’s best years are still ahead of him. With his talent, work ethic, and unwavering desire to be the best, he has the potential to revolutionize the quarterback position even further. He’s already rewriting the record books, but his impact will be felt for generations to come.

Lamar Jackson is more than just a rushing quarterback; he’s a phenomenon. He’s a cultural icon, a generational talent, and a living testament to the power of hard work and dedication. His journey is far from over, and the world can’t wait to see what Lamar Jackson, the King of the Run Game, will accomplish next.

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