How to Remove AI from Snapchat

Tired of My AI Haunting Your Snapchat? Here’s How to Get Rid of It (For Now)

Feeling like “My AI” on Snapchat is more creepy than cool? We hear you. While a complete removal isn’t possible just yet, there are ways to silence this unwanted chat buddy. Follow these steps to reclaim your Snapchat serenity:

For Snapchat+ Subscribers:

  1. Unpin My AI: Swipe right to access your chats. Tap and hold “My AI,” then choose “Chat Settings.” Select “Unpin from Chat Feed” to keep it hidden but accessible.
  2. Remove My AI (Temporarily): Follow the same steps as above, but choose “Clear from Chat Feed” instead. This removes “My AI” from your chat list, but it might reappear in the future.

For Free and Standard Users:

  1. Hide Individual Messages: Tap and hold any unwanted message from “My AI” and select “Delete.” This won’t erase the entire chat, but it’s a start.
  2. Clear All Past Conversations (Including My AI): Go to your profile, tap the settings icon, then “Privacy Controls.” Choose “Clear Data” and “Clear Conversations.” Select the “X” next to “My AI” to delete past interactions.

Important Notes:

  • Removing “My AI” only hides or deletes past conversations. Its data might still be stored by Snapchat.
  • Snapchat+ is a paid subscription service. Consider the cost and other benefits before subscribing solely for “My AI” removal.

Looking for a Permanent Solution?

Unfortunately, complete removal of “My AI” isn’t possible currently. But you can express your dissatisfaction! Submit feedback through the app’s settings or “Shake to Report” feature. Let Snapchat know you want more control over AI interactions.

By following these steps and voicing your opinion, you can (hopefully) soon enjoy a Snapchat experience free from unwanted AI interactions. Remember, the more users demand control, the more likely Snapchat is to listen!

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