How much does Steph Curry make a year in endorsements

How much does Steph Curry make a year in endorsements: Steph Curry rakes in over $50 million a year from deals with brands like Under Armour, Rakuten, and Carmax.

Steph Curry’s Endorsement Empire: Ballin’ Beyond the Basket (with Numbers to Drool Over)

Forget breaking ankles, Steph Curry’s breaking bank! While his on-court wizardry wows Warriors fans, it’s his off-court deals that truly light up the scoreboard. But just how much dough does Chef Curry cook up through endorsements? We’re serving up a piping hot stat feast to satisfy your curiosity.

Curry’s Cash Cow: A $50 Million Dollar Dribble

Step aside, Chef Curry, because “Money Man Curry” might be a more fitting nickname. In 2023-24, Steph is expected to rake in a cool $50 million from endorsements alone, making him one of the NBA’s top earners off the court. That’s more than some entire teams pay their star players!

From Under Armour to Rakuten: A Brand Buffet

Curry’s endorsement portfolio is a diverse smorgasbord, with Under Armour taking the top spot. His long-term deal, with equity stake included, makes him the face of the brand, challenging Nike’s Jordan throne. But Curry’s not a one-brand chef. He’s got deals simmering with Rakuten, Carmax, Literati, and even FTX, the crypto exchange.

Beyond Bucks: Building a Legacy Through Brands

Curry’s endorsement power isn’t just about lining his pockets, it’s about building a lasting legacy. He’s chosen brands that align with his values, like Rakuten’s focus on empowerment and Carmax’s commitment to community. By partnering with companies that share his vision, Curry transcends the athlete label, becoming a role model and cultural icon.

So, how much does Steph Curry make a year in endorsements? Buckle up, because it’s a slam dunk of a number: $50 million. But the real takeaway? Curry’s not just draining threes, he’s draining bank accounts, all while building a brand empire that extends far beyond the hardwood.

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