Discover the Spring Break Schedule for North Jersey Schools

Quick Overview

Spring Break is a much-anticipated time for students and parents alike. In North Jersey, the dates can vary. This guide provides a detailed look at the schedule across different districts.

Spring Break is a much-anticipated time for students, teachers, and parents alike. In North Jersey, schools set aside a week for this break, providing a perfect opportunity for rest and relaxation. This guide offers a detailed look at the Spring Break schedules for North Jersey schools in 2024.

Spring Break Dates by District

Spring Break varies among districts. Here, we break down the dates for you:

Bergen County

  • Bergenfield Public Schools: April 8-12
  • Paramus Public Schools: April 1-5
  • Teaneck Public Schools: March 25-29

Essex County

  • Newark Public Schools: April 15-19
  • Montclair Public Schools: April 8-12
  • Livingston Public Schools: April 1-5

Hudson County

  • Jersey City Public Schools: April 15-19
  • Hoboken Public Schools: April 8-12
  • Bayonne Public Schools: March 25-29

Passaic County

  • Paterson Public Schools: April 8-12
  • Clifton Public Schools: April 1-5
  • Wayne Township Public Schools: March 25-29
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Planning Your Break

Spring Break is the perfect time for a getaway or to enjoy local attractions. Consider the dates above to plan your activities.


How are these dates decided?

School boards decide based on the academic calendar and public holidays.

Can these dates change?

Yes, they can. Always check with your school for the most current information.


Spring Break is a time for rejuvenation. Use this guide to plan ahead and make the most of your break in North Jersey.

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