Can You Watch Vanderpump Rules Live on Peacock?

No, you can’t watch Vanderpump Rules live on Peacock. New episodes air on Bravo first, then hit Peacock the next day.

The SUR crew is back and the drama is bubbling hotter than Lisa Vanderpump’s signature sangria! Season 11 of “Vanderpump Rules” premiered last night, 30th January, and for the first time ever, you can catch the glitzy lives of our favorite West Hollywood bartenders live on Peacock. No cable? No worries! This streaming service is serving up all the sass, tears, and tequila shots straight to your screen.

But wait, there’s more! New episodes won’t just be a Tuesday night tradition anymore. Peacock viewers get VIP access, with fresh drama popping up on the platform the very next day, Wednesday, February 31st. That’s right, no waiting until the weekend to see Tom Schwartz spill secrets or Lala Kent unleash a trademark fiery rant. Binge-watching has never felt so luxurious.

Of course, a “Vanderpump Rules” premiere wouldn’t be complete without a juicy sneak peek. This season, viewers can expect to see:

  • New flames and old flings: The SUR staff Cupid has been busy again, with surprising hookups and familiar faces causing romantic chaos. Will Katie and Tom finally tie the knot? Is James Kennedy ready to settle down? Buckle up for a rollercoaster of relationships.
  • Vanderpump Pumped-Up Drama: From explosive arguments at SUR to tearful breakdowns in Lisa’s office, the drama is hotter than ever. Get ready for accusations, betrayals, and friendships hanging by a thread. Think Scheana vs. Stassi level, but with a 2024 twist.
  • Fresh Faces, Familiar Feuds: Newcomers Ally Lewber and Brock Davies are shaking things up at SUR, but they’ll have to navigate the established clique’s dynamics. Will they find allies or become targets? The gossip mill is already churning.
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With all this and more, “Vanderpump Rules” is shaping up to be the escapist reality fix we all need. So grab your favorite cocktail, dim the lights, and settle in for a front-row seat to the glamorous (and chaotic) lives of the SUR crew. Just remember, with Peacock, you get to watch it all live and on demand, making you the ultimate insider in the Vanderpump empire.

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